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Staffing / Talent Management Services

The staffing /talent management services offered by Netscience Technologies covers the entire gamut of HR activity and not limited to selection and / or deployment of right talent for the right responsibilities.

At Netscience Technologies LLC we understand the value an apt human resource can deliver to an enterprise.  Hence we place a premium on constantly engaging with ideal human resource potential and personnel keeping them always ahead of industry standards and benchmarks so that identified potential deliver to the fullest extent.  We go much beyond the regular experience and expertise matching to consider a much broader alignment on domain, interest, aptitude, soft skills, etc., matching to ensure that optimal efficiency is guaranteed in terms of workforce productivity, satisfaction and retention.   Our in-depth understanding assures a win-win situation for everybody.

The broad areas of staff / talent management services offered by Netscience Technologies LLC include

  1. Staff augmentation
  2. Contract and onboard staffing
  3. Requirement analysis
  4. Workforce planning
  5. Recruiting process design and implementation
  6. Skills / competency mapping
  7. Performance Benchmarking,  standardisation, design and implementation
  8. Performance feedback
  9. Succession planning and management
  10. Setting up and management of offshore development centres
  11. Talent sourcing, attraction and branding
  12. Training needs analysis
  13. Development of best practices and goal / standard setting
  14. Developing in-house mentoring, training and development programmes

If ever you feel need for an immediate need for staff augmentation be it short-term requirement or a long-term need, Netscience Technologies LLC is the company to depend upon.  We ensure that whatever be the duration of your requirement, the particular needs of your projects are foremost in our mind.   We take charge your entire human resource requirement so that your focus on business objectives is never lost.  Our experienced personnel will also assist you in identifying the resource gaps and additional skills required. In addition we also provide advice on realignment of resources to best suit the needs of a particular project or activity.  This could well mean a great amount of difference whereby you could be hiring short-term instead of long and part-time instead of full.  Also meaning that your project budgets remain well within the targets prescribed.

Also should you be hiring staff on a permanent / onboard, our pool of personnel with rich domain expertise and HR experience can also effectively guide you in understanding and outlining your specific skillset requirements and presenting them in an effective manner. Further, we also provide you with an objective assessment of ongoing rates.

What skills to hire? How many personnel will be required? What will be duration of such requirement? When will the requirement arise? are only some of the questions that arise during the course of a project / work planning exercise?   With expert help from Netscience Technologies LLC you can place all those worries at rest. Our professional and elaborate analysis ensures that a correct prediction of all future requirements are duly accounted for, so that there are no surprises as regards workforce requirement during project implementation.

Workforce planning and management need not be complex exercise and when suitably designed could provide optimal results to an organisation.  Your questions on workforce forecast, requirement analysis, recruiting, etc., are all well taken care of by Netscience Technologies LLC so that you are left unhindered to focus on what you understand best, your business.

A codified, objective and transparent recruitment process tells a lot about the functioning of an organisation.  It not only helps in attracting the right talent for the organisation but also goes a long way in image building and branding exercise.  We at Netscience Technologies enable you to do just that.    We help you design, put in place and implement a recruitment process in sync with the long-term vision and strategy of an organisation.  It helps build your image as an outstanding employer and a focussed and professional enterprise.

Performance and hence under-performance and optimal performance of an employee greatly depends not only on their acquired skills, but more in an organization's ability to correctly map and use them for organizational betterment.  Skills / competency mapping is a dynamic proposition and a result of constant engagement with the workforce.  We at Netscience Technologies LLC aid your enterprise to grow and succeed utilizing competency / skills of each individual workforce, so that none amongst them is an underperformer by industry standards.

Performance Benchmarking standardisation, design and implementation is a dilemma faced by most enterprises. The same requires clarity in role assigned as compared actual roles played by each individual employee. The success of this programme lies solely in levelling the role expectations and actual role played so that ambiguity in employee roles are reduced to a minimum.

Individuals differ not only in terms of knowledge and skills but also in terms of motivation and various other parameters connected or unconnected with workplace functions. Also many a times individual feedback is determined by what the other person wishes to hear rather than what is necessary to the heard. Many enterprises have a structured feedback mechanism enabling a performance feedback at periodic intervals. However, a structured and objectively designed feedback mechanism evaluating performance of individual employees on an ongoing basis can work wonders for an organization. We at Netscience Technologies LLC help you work out and put in place such a mechanism.

Succession planning and management need not be a requisite only for top level or management roles in an organisation. Organisational performance and productivity can be immensely boosted if an appropriate workflow is designed and implemented that could determine proper handling of responsibilities in case the other is not available situations. The efficacy of such a system would also greatly depend on how effectively the desired roles are transmitted to individual employees. We at Netscience Technologies LLC help enterprises in assigning of role play and also implementation of a succession strategy so that a seamless workflow is ensured.

In addition we also undertake and manage offshore development centres and development teams with fixed or flexible terms and conditions.  This will vastly enable you to tailor your workforce availability to project requirements.  The entire responsibility for staff augmentation services including responding to dynamic project needs with allocation of dedicated technical resources to augment your workforce with adequate and appropriate skillset possessing individuals, rests with us.  This will especially helpful to company’s requirement application development across diverse technology verticals.

Talent sourcing is one of the key to a successful organization and next only to performance management. If you catch them right and mould them perfect, performance management becomes a much easier task. Many companies in their search for the right talent cast their nets wide and expend a lot of resources grappling with talent not matching their requirements. Adoption of proper talent sourcing and attraction strategy can not only save a lot of time, money and energy but also work as a great brand building exercise for an enterprise.

Training and skill development needs to be an ongoing exercise and places an organization apart from its peers and competitors. With multiplication of organizational expectations from its employees it is but natural that employees need to be groomed and equipped with appropriate skills sets to enable them stay ahead of their performance benchmarks. Training needs analysis at Netscience Technologies LLC maps both the organizational current and future requirements as well as employee profile and interest to work out the best fit on an employee-wise basis.

Every successful organization puts in place a system of appreciation and adoption of best practices across all areas, viz., production, marketing, administration, etc. Development of best practices could be self evolved or driven by external requirement, also the ideas could be home grown adapted from elsewhere. The idea is mainly to develop a system of practices and shift the goal post to an extended level ensuring overall better in customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency. It would help an organization if development of best practices and goal / standard setting is adopted as an ongoing exercise and also orienting the employees to acknowledge and reciprocate positively to such organizational development initiatives.

At Netscience Technologies LLC the range of HR related activities goes much beyond the ordinary and we act as practical guides for development and optimal utilization of available talent pool by developing in-house mentoring, training and development programmes.