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IT Solutions

At Netscience Technologies we are committed to providing the best ever Solutions to our clients so that they are able to leverage their Information Technology investments to the optimum. To cater to individual and specific client needs we work both on open source as well as proprietary platforms. Our services are both cost-effective and result oriented – product of a no-compromise attitude to technology consulting. In a dynamic market place we aim to put our clients ahead in terms of increased productivity, reduced costs, overall efficiency, optimum resource utilization and improved client satisfaction. Our gamut of services include technology infrastructure consultation and deployment, remote and on-site support, application development, customizations, procurement consultation and vendor management assistance, hardware and software maintenance services, IT recruitment support, short and long term staffing, etc.
We provide customized solutions for

Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

We understand the challenges of small and medium businesses. Hence we provide technology oriented solutions that redefine communication, collaboration, innovation, marketing and selling. Our enterprise centric approach and innovation driven solutions are aimed to reduce overall costs, use data / analytics for smarter decision making, enhance productivity, bolster employee productivity, effective communication, better supply chain management, aid financial management, mitigate cyber security threats, and much more. We ensure that with our help you are able to leverage and realize the true value of your resources potential.

Open Source Development

Open source software enables modification, distribution and development in an open manner. A report by Standish Group (2008) states that adoption of open source software has resulted in savings of more than $60 billion per year to consumers. Open source software provide better value proposition in terms of security, affordability, transparency, perpetuity, inter-operability, flexibility and localization. Since today’s businesses cannot run without technology, we ensure that you have constant access to open source software. These are particularly useful for small and medium businesses where big-ticket applications can burn a hole in the pocket.


Mobility for businesses extend beyond realm of communication to ensuring collaboration and inter-operability across varied platforms ensuring a seamless experience. Using customised apps and leveraging power of the cloud, mobility solutions can be used to deliver real time experience to customers. Now an enterprise can engage the employee, the customer and all other stakeholders to optimize production and productivity, greater customer satisfaction, enlarge customer base and improve decision making.


Most businesses consider website for indicating presence on the web. Our innovative solutions enable you to unleash the power of your website to create a visible corporate identity as also to engage your customers, employees and other stakeholders. Websites can also be used an effective marketing tool. Smarter use of websites can considerably improve operational efficiency and reduce costs of operation while providing enhanced customer satisfaction.

Technology Consultation

Today there are innumerable software and hardware available. Competitive claims and counter claims ensure that one always finds his hands full when dealing with technology selection. Whereas appication of generalistic assumptions and thumb rules would result that the available solution does not fit an enterprise in a wholesome manner, selecting a product a high end or marketing driven product could end in avoidable costs. It always pays to consult an expert. We provide cost-effective consultations with our combination of domain and technology experts to ensure that you make the right decision for your enterprise.

Service Delivery

Our service both remote and well as on-site services for hardware and software. We are committed to providing prompt, efficient and effective support. During normal working hours, we respond to support requests within four hours of receipt. We do provide premium 24x7 service on a best effort basis. To reach us for any IT solutions related query or support please mail us on or call us at +1-630-420-1758. You may also visit our website and use the contact page to engage our attention.