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Technology Consultation

Information Technology products, services and solutions is a massive landscape.Its realms extends beyond domains and spheres. What’s more is that it is continually dynamic,improving and setting newer standards. Decisions on whether to adopt a particular technology, product or solution needs to be a result of much more open minded objective approach and assessment rather than an occurrence of vendor driven inspiration.An enterprise needs to be satisfied fully that the particular hardware or software would suffice its needs in the long run, provide good scalability and extensibility, be easy to deploy and maintain, ensure employer adaptability, enhance customer satisfaction and be a good value proposition with decent rate of return on investment.

At Netscience Technologies LLC we remain customer focussed and provide technology consultation on the basis of a deeper insight of customer’s present and future needs, a wholesome recognition of organizational requirements, employee adaptability, nature and approach of existing and future customers and such other factors that allow us to provide a very objective, customised and customer centred plan. Be assured that we do not persuade our clients to invest on unwanted or underperforming hardware and software. Hence, do not be surprised if we advice free source software solutions as opposed to costly packages or customised solutions.

Our technology consultation programme aims to engage with the customer across different tiers and provide extremely focussed advisory services on:

  • Procurement and deployment of hardware and gadgets
  • Purchase of customised / packaged software solutions
  • System integration services
  • Preparing computerisation roadmap
  • Streamlining the purchase process
  • Vendor pre-qualification and purchase
  • Open source v/s proprietary software
  • Technology implementation and lifecycle management (replacement management)
  • Emerging technologies
  • Web and other related technologies
  • Opportunities under digital and social media
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Database development and analysis
  • Performance Engineering Solutions
  • IT systems security