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Career at Netscience Technologies

Why Netscience

Don't just choose just a job, select a rewarding career. Beyond the ordinary. Explore the boundaries, far beyond. We at Netscience Technologies believe developing ordinary careers into winning partnerships. We place our utmost trust in our employees and allow them to nurture their goals. Hence, their aspirations are our organisational commitments. Human resource is our capital asset and we see profit in our employees’ satisfaction.

Organizational Culture

The organisational culture at Netscience is evolved around three fundamental building blocks of sustainable successful corporate culture, viz. Innovate, Exceed and Lead. We promote innovations in thought, planning and application. We also aim to be the most customer centric organisation ever. Hence, we aim not just to exceed our client expectations but to better our past performance , always. Lastly Leadership is what we strive for, and when we help our clients achieve that, we consider that the pole position will not elude us.

Employee Responsibility

We believe that there are no short cuts to success and that hard work, honesty and customer centricity are the only responsible factors of corporate success. We motivate our employees to outperform their last performance, each time. We also believe that success has to be achieved in an ethical manner and by being in harmony with the socio-cultural-ecological environment. We inspire our employees to uphold these values.


Netscience is an equal opportunity provider. Hard work, eligibility and competency will be the only critical factors determining eligibility for recruitment, career progression, deployment, etc., and factors of age, gender, religion, creed, race, marital status, disabilities, etc., will not count under any circumstances.

Open Positions

We strongly advise you to check our 'Open Positions' under Careers page to know more about our currently open positions. However, in case you are unable to find a suitable match in tune with your competencies, we recommend that you mail a copy of your detailed resume together with your location and other preferences to ? Our HR specialists will evaluate and identify suitable openings.