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How to Leverage Information Technology as a Win-Win Strategy


Business domain knowledge and Technology expertise are the two factors most critical to a successful organization in today’s world. Whereas domain knowledge is a result of human endeavour and is intrinsic in nature, technology is a great enabler. Technology is helping business streamline their workplace operations. It is an established fact that using technology, companies had gained direct strategic advantages over late-moving rivals and are able to significantly alter the industry structure by creating a technology barrier and gaining a strategic capability in the process. IT innovation and adoption has the potential of altering a full range of strategic and industry structure variables.

All enterprises must undertake a business technology agenda that applies technology, systems and processes to win. Technology is helping many businesses to automate much of their processes and relieving much of the valuable human resources of the repetitive tasks and allowing them to contribute to better management by allowing them to collect and retain empirical data. Technology can further be used to store, organize, analyze and transform the information that is digitized. Data analytics is fast changing the manner in which customer experience is delivered and peaking levels of customer satisfaction. . With scale advantages blurring nobody can be immune to the upheavals in a given industry and everybody needs to adapt. It is not just that the technology is changing at a faster rate than our intuition and experience can keep pace with but also that technology can make collecting and sharing information exponentially faster and easier. This advantage can help you place your business in an enviable position where clients and partners compete to be a part of your entity. Technology will enable to you to work really effectively with people anywhere in the world, as if you are virtually in the room with them, presenting immense opportunity for collaboration and new market development.

Aligning business process with Information Technology

Information technology like any other investment to be fruitful should be completely synchronized towards the organizations business goals. Information Technology should not merely be seen as an implementation tool. IT plays an increasingly pro-active role in developing our long-term business strategy. The common mistake seen in many organizations is that there are very few instances of business-oriented IT strategies. This divergence can result in IT infrastructures that struggle to sustain the overlying business operations and are difficult to adapt. A business-focused approach to IT is where the following fundamental issues are addressed:

Technology should help in enforcing compliance to existing processes. Business processes helps in reducing the errors and delays and result in better employee efficiency. Tracking and improving existing processes with better insight and driving improvements for better business processes.
Identifying lead and lag indicators that help measure the organizations performance benchmarks and developing business intelligence that directly relate to those measures·

Using Technology to Improve Efficiency

Technology offers countless opportunities to maximize efficiency. In order to work out the best technology for your purpose you should assess your current systems against your future organisational goals. You should focusink onwhat inefficiencies there might be in your operations and how you can achieve the following :

Improving Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Employee is the most important asset of any organization. Hardworking and motivated employees can make all the difference between success and failure. Motivating an employee to go that extra mile can become the single most critical factor for success. Technology has a major role to play in improving the employee’s ability to collaborate, work remotely and manage their time more effectively. Companies can select the right technologies and train their employees to integrate the technology into their daily work life to improve communication between employees and help them organize their day effectively. Enable your sales team with networking software so that they can make new connections and maintain existing connections leading to greater employee satisfaction. Organizations will benefit when they create employee portals and team sites to help people work productively across the organization, no matter what location or team. You will eliminate "corporate silos" that effectively cut off communication because employees can utilize technology to reach out to others working on similar projects or find experts to answer their questions throughout the organization.

Install software that that tracks time spent on social websites and other applications so that the employee is able to make a balance Enable collaborating technologies like Skype and Google Hangouts that can allow employees to work from anywhere and save precious time by saving them the commute to the office. Encourage employees to maintain to-do lists and prioritize their tasks based on the deadlines. This will help employees stay focused on their assignments and completing them on time leading to projects being completed on time. Technology allows employees to make new connections anywhere without the need for an face to face interaction. This can help employees update their customers and new connections of the developments in your product line.

All employers strive to maximize employee output and many employers do so by putting immense pressure on employees often resulting in high attrition and low morale. Employees are often more productive when do not have to operate under high stress. Check out the list of ‘Best Companies To Work For’ and you all the top organizations mention of high productivity and satisfied employees. Some of the strategies to improve employee morale and increase performance are :

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