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Application Development


It is increasingly easy for software vendors to suggest and propagate an application or solution available off-the-shelf. Though there is the lure of customisation that could provide an added element of flexibility, many of them fail to live up adequately to customer workplace expectations. There is also an added danger of a prolonged process of customisation and eventual adaption. There is also not much hope that the software so customised and adapted will fully suit the needs of your enterprise. In this era of ever changing technology, the goal-post could have been moved even before one starts off. Customised application development process analyses and understands the specific requirements of an enterprise and aims at tailoring specific scalable and extensible solutions. Being customised in nature, they reduce implementation and adaptation risks to the minimum. Being scalable in nature it provides greater flexibility for growth. Also the element of extensibility ensures that an organisation may choose to work at its own pace and implement an application decision.

Netscience Experience

Application development at Netscience Technologies LLC is a result of profound domain knowledge and appropriate technical skills. In this age of fast paced development with individual enterprises striving not only to match customer expectations but also to outpace rival enterprises, enterprises not only need to evolve but also define the next revolution and its course. Thankfully IT is a great enabler. Organizations continually seek solutions to workplace challenges. The success of these solutions lie not only in their being better than that last developed, but also in their ability to be future focussed. Technological development is fast paced and the markets for goods and services is widespread. Hence applications need to provide enough scope for interoperability and scalability.We understand this and hence, couple our deep industry insights with appropriate technological application to develop products that are innovative in nature. Our application development support is essentially an organization’s dream come true.

To suit individual organization needs we can either assume full responsibility for requirement analysis, project design, development of prototypes, application development,testing, system integration, training and support or let our experienced personnel associate with your in-house team in application development, roll-out and support.

Our Offerings

With our rich domain experience across all major industries we are prepared for enabling solutions to the most challenging IT problems. Our vibrant teams use a combination of technology skills, domain expertise, architectural solutions capability and programme management measures to deliver the most promising results. Furthermore, solution delivery is only a milestone, and our efforts are focussed on ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Hence we go much beyond to ensure an effective roll-out and integration of the new systems and capabilities across heterogeneous work systems and technologies to ensure a perfect glitch-free and homogeneous working environment for our customers.Also our back-up teams will ensure that any operational level issues, be it requests for support, modification or up gradation are attended to in a timely and professional manner so that a seamless workflow is ensured. Our business models are also flexible and fine-tuned to ensure fastest turnaround times and optimal performance.

Industries Served

Though our application development services offerings are not limited to particular industry or client group, the following are some of the representative groups / industries served:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Services and Healthcare Professionals
  • Non-government agencies and Associations
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverages
Technology Platforms

Our consultants work across most open source and proprietary software and platforms.As a result we are fully equipped to provide solutions across platforms as well as hybrid technologies including.

  • Java/J2EE
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Portals and content management
  • SOA
  • Messaging and integration

So whatever be your next big challenge, trust Netscience Technologies LLC to handle it for you. Rest assured we will rise up to your expectations.